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Attorney General Issues Warning About AirTag Misuse

The Office of Attorney General has issued a consumer alert to educate Pennsylvanians and help protect them from the malicious misuse of Apple AirTags to track their locations and belongings without their knowl

edge or consent.

Individuals have reported finding unknown AirTags attached to their cars, in their purses or coat pockets, and other personal property. Others have reported receiving alerts on their phones that their location information is being shared, even if they have not found an AirTag or other connected accessory on their person.

Consumers should take the following steps to safeguard themselves and their belongings:

• Listen for unfamiliar beeping. When an AirTag is separated from a familiar device for some time, the AirTag will start to make a beeping noise. If you hear this beeping noise, try to locate its source.

• Watch for “Item Detected Near You” notifications on iPhones. If your iPhone has been close to an unfamiliar AirTag or other accessory for a prolonged period of time, you may receive a notification on the Find My application stating, “Item Detected Near You.”

• If you have an Android device, download Tracker Detect from the Google Play Store. If you hear unfamiliar beeping, you can use Tracker Detect on your Android device to find any unfamiliar AirTags within y

our Bluetooth range.

• Know that not all unfamiliar AirTags are malicious. While it is important to be careful, AirTags are sometimes legitimately lost by their users, and your device will alert you regardless. If an AirTag has been reported lost, your Find My notification will give you information to allow you to return it.

• Check for updated guidance. Apple has issued guidance on how to deal with unknown AirTags or Find My alerts. If you come across any issues, check with Apple for updated guidance.

• Update your Apple device’s operating system. Apple is implementing new safety measures, so make sure you update your Apple device’s operating system regularly.

Consumers who believe they may have found a misused Apple AirTag in their belongings should contact local law enforcement.

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