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Over 20 years of combined design & reputable experience



West End Happenings started out in April of 1997 as "What's Happening in Pleasant Valley" and then became "What's Happening in the West End." The publication was then shortened to West End Happenings in May of 2000.


Our Mission then, as still is now, is to improve communication within the West End while providing a venue for local businesses to advertise and meet their marketing needs.


Here at the West End Happenings we strive to create positive relationships with the members of the community. From school to parent, church to member, vendor to consumer, and so on. Our goal is to help build a consistent reliable relationship with our clients and their neighborhood audience.  We make our pages (and now our web site) available to those who want or need to communicate. As we grow, we continue our commitment to the West End community and to all of our neighbors. Thank you for your continued support.

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